Friday, December 30, 2005

Behind the memories of the good old times

Remeber the day we first met.It was july 11,2005,at matthew j.kuss middle school.Well u were there and u was alone,and then u looked to ur left and u saw i was looking at u and then u met tevin and then nikki and then me.We were like such goods friends and then we became bestfriends .It was like the most best day of my life,man i remeber we were all playing kibz,and we were like killing eachother over a card then we were spitting seeds at eachother and then we were laughin and havin fun,and then when summer school was over we were like i'll never see u again,but then when september came u were there and i was like thought u were coming to this school, and u said well i changed my mind .So then a few dayz later I was like i had more than just feelings, i had fell in luv,and then i was just acting strange that day, and i will never forget that day i first met u.......kyle.


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