Friday, December 30, 2005

When i frist met crystal a.laforest.

It was in the 6th grd,6I, class.I did not have any friends or anybody to talk to so stayed to myself and thats when it hit me i saw crystal passing notes and one of her notes hit me in the face and then she came over and said can i hav it back,and i said ur gonna get caught,and she said dont worrie about it,its not u thats doing it .Its me so i said alright and then caught her pass notes and she said can u explain this to me,so i was like let me help her out a bit, and i said its not her fault,she was walking to go sit in her seat and the note fell out of her agenda and u just picked it up,and was like crystal u have a friend thats lookin out for ya.So crystal did not get in trouble at all.And then thats when crystal said thx, and i said no problem,and thats how we became bestfrineds.So that was my frist i ever had in Fall River MA.(lol)


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